Making the most of your time :: Volunteer Roundup

Good vibes bring more good vibes, right? If our crazy friend Kanye is right (and let's be real, he totally was about Beyonce deserving that Grammy) then sharing your time volunteering is like instant karma. 

Lucky for you, there are so many awesome ways to give back right here in Cleveland. I've shared a few of my favorites, including kitten cuddling and vineyard clean-up. 

  •  Kitten Cuddling: No, seriously, the Lake County Humane Society is looking for someone to PLAY WITH THEIR KITTENS. Lots of fun, family friendly and on the weekend. Sign up through HandsOn NEO.
  • Vineyard Cleanup at Chateau Hough: Cleveland's first and only urban vineyard can always use a hand in the fields. Plus, you can get a bottle of their award-winning wine if you make a donation. Get in touch with them here.
  • Fresh Produce Delivery with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank: The GCFB has so many ways to volunteer, but my personal favorite is distributing fresh produce to the patrons. It's such a rewarding experience and really brings the mission to life. Check out all of their events on their volunteer portal.

Share your favorite volunteer activities in the comments and I'll feature them in the next volunteer roundup.