Giving Report :: Greater Cleveland Food Bank

Giving Report :: Greater Cleveland Food Bank

Our first campaign is in the books and what a success it was. Thanks to your generosity over 350 people will have access to a hot, healthy meal. Modern Good will be sending a little snail mail love in the form of a check to our friends at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank this week.

Thank you again to all of our wonderful friends and partners at the GCFB for helping create a tangible difference in Cleveland lives.


News Roundup :: Sea Change Prize Winning Edition

It's been a pretty eventful past few weeks for us here at Modern Good. We ended our social enterprise accelerator on a high note, taking home a $5000 prize. You can read all about it, and our SEA Change NEO friends in Freshwater Cleveland. 

If NPR is more your thing (it's definitely ours!) we were a featured interview on The Sound of Ideas with Mike Mcintyre. There's even a video to watch, if you're so inclined.

Last but not least, Crain's Cleveland Business has a write up on the Sea Change program that we were mentioned in.


SEAChange Round 2....Here we come!

Current status. PS: If you love scrubs as much as I do, I already love you.

Current status. PS: If you love scrubs as much as I do, I already love you.

In the best Christmas gift ever, we just received word we're on to Round 2 of the Sea Change program. So, what does that mean for us?

  • People like our idea and believe in it's success (yay!)
  • We can continue to fine tune our presentation, and we all know practice makes perfect.
  • We're still in the running for a shot at $50,000 start-up dollars!

Big thanks to our mentors, advisory board, and anyone who listened to me pitch to them over the last month. Couldn't have done it without you.


Modern Good :: Inspiration

shop3thirty: Rise and shine … It may be just a regular #Wednesday but it’s a perfectly good day to #betherad .. #dogood #dosomething #stayrad #stoke #stoked #socialgood #radscty #rad_scty #radgirls #goodvibes #goodtimes #goodpeople #dosomethingcool #bekind #kindness #california #qotd #quote #quoteoftheday #inspo #inspire #inspiring #todayisperfect #surf #surfer #skater #mermaid (at


Rise and shine … It may be just a regular #Wednesday but it’s a perfectly good day to #betherad .. #dogood #dosomething #stayrad #stoke #stoked #socialgood #radscty #rad_scty #radgirls #goodvibes #goodtimes #goodpeople #dosomethingcool #bekind #kindness #california #qotd #quote #quoteoftheday #inspo #inspire #inspiring #todayisperfect #surf #surfer #skater #mermaid (at

Modern Good Feelings


Empathy & Compassion in the brain

Empathy is a complicated task for the brain.

Reptiles probably can’t do it and it’s going to occur in pretty simple forms for most mammals. But in humans, it really engages the frontal lobes: these newer regions of the brain that are involved in more complex symbolic processes like language, considering alternatives and imagining the future. Empathy requires that you think: there’s someone else out there who has feelings and thoughts that may be different from mine.  That’s a complicated cognitive achievement!

Compassion —the caring instinct— is located down in the center of the brain, near the top of the spinal cord where a lot of our basic instincts are regulated. It’s a very old part of the brain called the periaqueductal gray, which is common to mammals when they take care of their young.

So that’s striking: there’s one kind of thing —empathy— that’s really about understanding people (very complicated!) in the frontal lobes. But caring is is really old in the nervous system.

Learn about the evolutionary roots of compassion & empathy  →

KID PRESIDENT inspires local girl’s mission to help provide socks to the homeless


THIS IS AMAZING! 11 year old Madison Callahan in Kansas has made the news with her ‪#‎Socktober‬ campaign! Incredible!